Collaboration for a Music Video

Collaboration for a Music Video

Since my blog writing is still new and relatively fresh addition to Olya Sookie content I think it is very much needed to show you some of the amazing collaboration in retrospective!  One of them is a collab with talented and equally beautiful singer Petra Oreč from Zagreb. 

When she was making her first single and project „Daleko” accompanied by a video for the same song she wanted to gather young, talented, and promising individuals from all over Croatia and this is where I came in. She contacted me because the aesthetic of the brand was perfectly going with the overall aesthetic and feel she wanted for her visuals

She wore two outfits from my brand,  a white dress, and a  black top from two different collections. The final results were amazing! I personally adore how she embodied both of the looks in the video and promo photos for the single were fire! I live for the slightly dark visuals they just have such a special vibe. 

Here you can watch the music video!

After the successful realization of the first project and good working chemistry, we created a fertile ground for our future collaborations. And our next one was just as pleasing as the first one. This time we created two exceptional fashion editorials, one was published in the American magazine “VSZN” and the other one “Space Rock Glam” was made with the intention to serve as a visual overture for her next single in the accompanying music video.

I was behind the camera as a photographer and videographer and working with her was such a pleasure.  She has a natural talent and is extremely photogenic, she can easily be a professional model! Not only she knows how to work with the camera but also got great movement flow, combine that with the flowy materials of the dresses and the results are pure magic. 

“Love that feels like summer” editorial was for my soul and I can’t ever get enough of that photos of Petra in one of my personal favorite swimsuits I made. Also, that is the first time I was published in the magazine as a photographer so I am very proud of that one. 

 Another one “ Space Rock Glam” editorial is equally good if not even more visually unique with her distinctive expression and aesthetics, Petra just fits perfectly with the brand.  Her trademark cowboy boots have given haute couture dresses and this editorial a  whole new dimension. 

As it is often seen in my editorials, the breathtaking nature and specific architecture of  Makarska Riviera has once again served as a recording set. I am always happy that another editorial containing all the natural beauty and talent of Croatia found its way around the world.