Olya Sookie is product and fashion designer

Olya Sookie is product and fashion designer born in Makarska, Croatia. From her earliest age, she knew she wanted to design, so she chose Fine Arts High School in Split, studying industrial design. She graduated from high school in 2009., with her project being Papillon Discoteque – which won second prize at the National exhibition of graduate projects in design: IDIVA 2009. This gave her a chance to exhibit her work at the International fair of innovation, new ideas, products and technologies – ARCA 2009. Olja graduated in product design from Academy of Fine Arts in Sarajevo. Over the years she worked on different projects, ranging from industrial design to its total opposite; unique design. Many of her projects were successfully realised and exhibited. They are excellent examples of successful collaborations between students and companies. One of those projects was a collaboration between Japanese Embassy and the Academy, which resulted in Olya’s “Sookie Doll” being exhibited in Japan in 2013. Her work is divided into Olya Sookie Home, handmade ceramics & light fixtures and her own fashion brand “Nephilim”. In 2018 Olya was part of the list of 20 most influential people on Makarska Riviera.

She found herself in the world of fashion by chance. In few years she has risen herself and her brand Nephilim to remarkable heights. She has been acknowledged by many prestigious publications such as Scorpio Jin, Surreal Beauty, Elegant Magazine and been invited by many fashion events like Milano Fashion Week, Paris Fashion Week… All though still new to the world of fashion she has incorporated many different styles in her repertoire, ranging from bodysuits, festival fashion to haute couture and wedding dresses. Her focus lies on conceptual and wild designs that draw inspiration from futuristic and cyberpunk to simplistic geometrical shapes. In addition, her ceramics collection – Olya Sookie Home, is something to be desired. With vivid colours and free formed lines it is clear she draws her inspiration from her beautiful hometown set at Adriatic sea. All of her work is unique, custom-tailored and handmade to make sure everyone is satisfied. What will the future bring for this young artist. Well, follow her and discover for yourself ! – Just Fashion Magazine , Italy

Exhibition & Fashion Shows

2019. – Olya Sookie Fashion Show , Makarska , Croatia

2019. – Speaker for CoCoNet event in Vienna,Austria  organized by European Patent Office

2019. – Co-speaker on panel discussion Nefeli Gerogala (TEDx speaker) at LEAP Summit, Ideas Powered – Croatia

2019. – Annual fashion show for humanitarian purposes organised by Imperial College London, London, UK

2019. – Fashion show at Fashion Finest , London Fashion Week , UK

2018. -Olya Sookie Fashion Show , Makarska , Croatia

2018. -Fashion show at Fashion Finest , London Fashion Week , UK

2017. -Fashion show at Fall Fashion Show In Zagreb, Croatia.

2016. -Exhibition of recycled clothing line at the ReDesign Me show, hosted by Circular de la Mode in Zagreb , Croatia

2016. – Showcase of product design at Designer Fair in Zadar (a part of Culture Rhythm)

2015. – Fashion show at BAFE (Balkan Art Fashion Event) in Belgrade, Serbia

2014. – Exhibition of Product design students on subject of Unique design, Shimadai gallery in Kyoto, Japan

2014. – Exhibition of students Unique Design projects, Sarajevo, BiH

2013. -Exhibition of project valorisation of traditional crafts,
ZANATI na KWADRAT, Sarajevo , BiH

2012. – Annual exhibition of Product design department, Sarajevo, BiH

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