DESIGNER TABLEWARE: the art of dining is about more than delicious dishes. It is a perfect combination of amazing food with a beautifully laid table. Food truly tastes even better when served from designer dinnerware which accentuates your every meal. 

Whether you’re updating your dining table, searching for a dinner set gift, or just want to impress guests at your next dinner party,

OS Home range of luxury tableware will elevate your dining experience.

Enjoy your meals with your loved ones in a cozy and relaxed atmosphere that you created with design pieces.

Every piece is handmade and is going into production after you order it, the amount can vary from one plate to complete set.

Don’t hesitate to contact us!

Florence collection is a lovely edition for your spring/summer table. Unique shapes and textures of each plate accentuated relaxed vibes of inspiration of collection itself, the surface of the sea, and movement of the waves.  With their bright and pastel color it will give that eerie feel to every dinner.