Terms and Conditions

Olya Sookie  Terms and Conditions

1. General Information

These General Terms and Conditions apply to the designer products sale service offered by Olya Sookie-specialized design activities , VAT: 76066701410 (here in after: the Seller). The seller of the products offered at the web site of the site www.olyasookie.com is Olya Sookie, and the Buyer of Goods is a visitor to a web shop that selects at least one product, fills out an electronic order form and sends it to the Seller.


2. Order Procedure

Goods are ordered by filling the electronic form or by mail. The buyer must fill in an electronic form with the basic data for the payment and delivery of the desired products and will be notified by electronic mail of the order made.

By choosing a product you can click on its details and find out all about it and look it better if you want to buy it, just click on the cart and it will be immediately found in it. In the basket you can choose quantities as well as quit buying. At any moment, your shopping cart is visible and available and you can keep browsing our showcase quietly. When shopping is over, go back to shopping cart and select finish the order. A notification of a successful purchase arrives at your e-mail address.


3. Payments

Payments can be made in the following ways:


3.1. Invoice – Virman – Internet banking

When choosing this payment method, you will receive an order confirmation with all of your email address the data required for payment. You can then make payments by using internet banking or by the way you normally pay your bills – via bank, mail, Fina or so. After receiving the payment we will send you the ordered items.


4. Product Price

Prices are expressed in Euros (EUR) or Croatian kunas (HRK), VAT included. In case of VAT change we reserve the right to change the price. We reserve the right to make printing mistakes.

We reserve the right to vary prices and foreign exchange differences between the prices of products in kunas in relation to the euro.


The price of the goods is determined for each product individually. The cost-per-click process for each product is subject to multiple levels of control, but there is a potential for error because it is a human factor, and by the nature of things it can not be done with automatic input.


Such situations are extraordinary and for them the Seller apologies in advance to their customers as it will be obliged to inform them about the situation, the wrong price for a particular product, and the inability to deliver according to the specific customer order.


5. Delivery and delivery

The Seller tries to deliver the ordered products as fast as possible.  Product are made after the order and it will take 5-10 business days to make a product and will send it over as soon as product is finished during  business days, except on weekends and holidays.


European destinations including Croatia;

Estimated delivery time is 3-15 working days to the shipment address specified by the customer, depending on the shipment method (if applicable) and place of delivery chosen. The goods will be dispatched only after the full purchase price has been credited to our account.


In the case of a product order that can not be dispatched for unforeseen reasons at the promised time, the User will be notified of the new delivery date via e-mail. In the event of a delivery failure, the Seller will contact the Buyer and arrange for a new delivery deadline, replacement product or cancellation of the order, with refund of the funds returned to the user.


Deliveries to the rest of the world (excluding europe)

Estimated delivery will is 6-30 working days to the shipment address specified by the customer, depending on the shipment method (if applicable) and place of delivery chosen. We will notify customer about any delays. The goods will be dispatched only after the full purchase price has been credited to our account.


Delivery is done in cooperation with several delivery services in the Republic of Croatia:

– Croatian mail


Delivery is done outside the borders of the Republic of Croatia.


Delivery cost is as follows:

The price includes uninsured / recommended sending in Croatian mail if Buyer lives in Croatia.

If the buyer wants a secure shipment ; delivery service HP EXPRESS Hrvatska pošta – 30 kn if the Buyer lives in Croatia, and 5-10 € if Buyer lives abroad.


Note: The price for overseas depends on the size of the package and the quantity of the order.


The buyer is obliged to identify the shipment to the consignor’s service when picking up the shipment and, in the case of shipment correctness, sign the invoice, confirming the receipt of shipment. In the event of visible damage, the User shall report them directly to the deliverer and refuse to receive the damaged shipment. By signing the invoice / delivery note, the user verifies that he has reviewed his product download.

If the Buyer refuses to accept the shipment due to identified and visible damages on the transport packages, he / she must fill out the appropriate delivery service form and inform Seller by e-mail info@amas-bijoux.com for the reason of rejecting the shipment and declare whether he wishes for repeated delivery or refund.


The Provider disclaims any liability that may arise from the time of delivery of the Shipment to the Delivery Service until delivery to the Buyer.


6. Cancellation of orders

Orders made on this web shop may be canceled at no extra cost and the reason for cancellation by the buyer until the time of dispatch of the goods. Cancellation notice is only possible via e-mail: info@olyasookie.com. In the e-mail message the User is obliged to provide the following information: – Message subject: Order cancellation – Content of the message: a) User name, b) Customer address, c) Order number


7. Notice of how to file the complaint

According to Article 10, The Consumer Protection Act informs users that any objection to their possible dissatisfaction with the service provided may be submitted in writing to the following addresses: E-mail: info@olyasookie.com Address: Street Slavonska 48, 21 300 Makarska. Written, without delay, the receipt of the same objection will be confirmed. The response to the written complaint of the user will be given in writing no later than 15 days from the day the complaint was received. Please provide us with your contact address for your reply.


8. Security and Protection of Personal Data

The Seller undertakes to keep as a business secret all that he has learned about the Buyer (his personal information such as his / her name, his address and place of residence, place and time of travel, stay, paid price as well additional notes that the Buyer has pointed out) and will not be available to third parties other than program execution or use for marketing purposes, except with the Buyer’s approval and legally prescribed cases. Our privacy policy is aligned with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and we inform you so we offer our Buyers the choice of data we collect, use and share in the manner described in the Privacy Policy. Buyer submits his / her personal data voluntarily and upon his purchase confirmation agrees that his personal data is used for the purpose of purchase. All customer information is strictly kept and only accessible to employees who are required to do this. The Seller explicitly states which information is required to execute an individual purchase. We are obliged to provide buyer protection, by collecting only the basic information necessary to meet our obligations. We inform buyers of how we use the data we collect, we regularly give customers the choice of using their data, including the ability to decide whether or not to delete their name from the list used for newsletters.