Mental Health Awareness special edition collection! Nephilim 4.0 – State of Mind

Mental Health Awareness special edition collection! Nephilim 4.0 – State of Mind

Today starts Mental health awareness week. This year’s theme is an act of kindness.

What does that mean?

Kindness is doing something that is motivated by genuine warm feeling for others, Its not just an emotion, it is shown by our action. Importantly, it also involves other experiencing ur behavior as kind.

My personal opinion or maybe this should be common sense is that kindness shouldn’t be reserved just for this week but use this opportunity to reflect on your act of kindness. Especially in this time of the global pandemic. People went through a lot and not everybody reacts the same way. I am speaking from my personal experience. I went from paranoia to panic attack and severe anxiety of even see people through my window and I’m still not ready to get back to “normal” life even though by the state we can, our measure are relaxing. So please be kind to others and understanding of their ways of coping with the world.

Now back to the fashion! Last year I made a special edition collection to raise awareness of mental health. The collection was inspired by my own everyday emotion, but it is made to support talk about mental health and to show the beauty of it. Every dress represents one emotion. one is anger, another is depression, then anxiety, followed by fear and loneliness. The final one represents an emotion that every person strives to reach- serenity. I feel that the only way to overcome our universal fragile state of mind is to embrace it and to work our way through it with art. So here are the photos!

Anger will help you survive for a while but it’ll eat you alive.
Fear kills more dreams than failure ever will.
The worst kind of sadness is not being able to explain why.
You might not be alone but you feel so lonely, it’s the feeling that no one cares. 

Anxiety keeps you from enjoying things as much as you should.
One day you’ll make peace with demons and the chaos in your heart will settle down.

I am sure all of us have something to say on this theme because it concerns all of us. Share your thoughts or emotion with me if you want in comments below.

I personally am hoping that one day mental health will stop being taboo and will get the attention it deserves. Sending good vibes to you all!