Olya Sookie  Oizys Dress

Oizys Dress


This dress is part of a special edition collection Nephilim 4.0 – State of Mind – dedicated to raising mental health awareness. This particular collection was inspired by designers own everyday emotions. It was made to encourage discussion and conversation about taboo topic of mental health and showcase the beauty of it.

Each dress represents one of emotions, this one illustrates anxiety.

Three shade dress of purple with black pattern over it is perfect for everyone with flutter in their hearts. Small details in black faux leather and harness of signature elastic band are what make this dress stand out a league above the rest. Straight across top with full skirt bottom is ideal for showing off your shoulders and elegance.

Model height – 170 cm / 177 cm
Model size – S / M

Dress is made from 100% satin.
Dress colour and pattern is created digitally by designer than printed on the material with ecologically friendly water-based dyes and bio-degradable inks.

Dress is handmade in Croatia, it goes into production the moment you order it, as Nephilim is part of ecologically friendly, Slow Fashion Movement and we do not mass produce.