Lost in glitter, music, and memories!

Lost in glitter, music, and memories!

I, as a festival person, am in heavy need of a good dance party right now.

Lately, I found myself yearning more and more for good old days and nights of never-ending dance marathons wrapped around in glitter, tribal hairstyles, crazy makeup, and amazingly creative outfits. If you are the person that goes to the festivals, you know what I’m talking about. Let me tell you, if you ever want to feel fully alive and surrounded by never-ending positivity, good vibes, and love in your life, then you should just go to a party, and no, this is not a product of narcotics or other substances, it is all about the mindset of the people there and the culture they share in. 

That feeling when you are going to the place where such an event is being held, the butterflies in your stomach when you hear the bass from the distance, all the happy and relaxed faces ready to embrace you like an old friend. One particularly charming situation for me was when somebody from behind me accidentally kicked me in the head, with the elbow I think, and even before I managed to turn around, that person took my head and kissed me on it like a mother would a bruised child and all I could hear was, I am sorry, so sorry! How can you ever get mad in that situation and environment, it is impossible! 

So right now, when the dancing crowd of 50 000 people sounds like the biggest nightmare and just a source of disease, for all of us that are still very much attached to it sentimentally, I decided to make a blog post remising the first pop up store I had at LABO festival in Omiš, Croatia.   

As you probably know I make festival fashion, and to showcase my designs at a festival is definitely a dream come true for me.  So when I got a confirming mail to have a pop-up store at one, I was so happy and jumping around all over my place. 

But then I realized I have to produce 50 pieces of clothes in less than a months’ time, so let’s begin with the stress games! Fast forward, I and three tailors managed to make all that I imagined. We had some bumps in the road in the process and few breakdowns on my side but that’s what you get when you are truly passionate about what you do. 

Because all the best things in life are shared with other awesome people in your life, this pop-up store was a combination of me, my clothes, Ela Tomaš, and her crazy good makeup and braiding skills. Us two, we were on the move!  Thinking about it now it was so challenging everyday driving into another town where the festival was held, put everything up because we had a tent, and overnight would take everything down and put it in storage till the next day. Ela was even getting her make up done in the car while I was driving and she managed successfully to make a killer look for herself! 

Also, we made a small showcase, like a fashion show, the management of the festivals asked me can I make something like that and I said yes immediately.  They sent us dancers to be models and as a dancer myself, I was so pleased to have them help us with the showcase. It was a perfect setting. Dancers, in my clothes, at the music festival in the middle of the summer. Can it get any better than this ?! Can somebody just send some unicorns to seal the deal! 

I exaggerated a little but that was how I felt about it. And one of the looks Ela and I created there was one of my all-time favorites.  You really can’t do epic shit with basic people and that’s why I’m forever grateful for amazing and creatives friends that I have and work with. 

But don’t you agree that all these photos, glitter, happy faces, outfits, just send you a good vibe, aren’t you looking forward to the festivals once all of this is over, aren’t you nostalgic for the ones that were your last and you didn’t even know that? 

All in all, the festival season is my ultimate favorite. Summertime, hot weather, tanned skin, outfits on point, good music, chill vibes, and colorful cocktails in your hand. There is just no season like the festival season and my clothes are definitely created with this vision and vibes in mind! I, for one, can’t wait to see you all at the very first festival!

Video for good vibes only !