Re-utilization, the future of fashion!

Re-utilization, the future of fashion!

In my pursuit of being a zero-waste fashion designer, I have had a project in my mind and the way I wanted to realize it.

For the last few years, I have been collecting bits and pieces of fabric and all of my clothes that I no longer wear with the intention to give them a second life. This year, when I saw the #seconhandseptember I knew it was a sign to finally start realizing my long-awaited plan to create amazing pieces from leftovers and secondhand fabric.  September month’s “challenge” was to buy only secondhand stuff. I, as creator, took that one step further and started to create new things out of secondhand clothes and the remaining materials.

I have a big project in mind for that but I started with smaller pieces and this is the first thing I made, a backpack that already has a new owner.  I feel backpacks like these are really rewarding to make and as simple as the basic model of this kind of bag backpack is, it is also a blank canvas and I have a lot of freedom to explore my creativity and a vast variety of designs.

For this particular backpack, I used leftover grey fabric for inside, my old jeans leggings for outside, part of fake leather, rope, and chains I had laying around. So for the creation of this particular one, I didn’t spend any money, at least not at this moment 🙂

 I find it really interesting how a particular piece of second-hand fabric is somewhat dictating the way where the overall design will go. That I found both parts of the charm and also the challenge I really enjoy. To create something that will visually correspond with my other designs but stay within the limits of the fabric I have in hands. Such a thrill!

I think it is also good to show you that reusing materials or working from leftovers fabrics doesn’t mean that a new piece will be “ugly” or less worth. A lot of people still have prejudice towards secondhand as it automatically means it is less of a product. Using second-hand material and leftover fabric can create a high-end product like any other. After all, high fashion is not only expensive fabric, it is also hours and hours of carefully crafting and hand-sewing. All of that is showcased in this one small backpack. So having a quality product made this way is quite possible and affordable.

Overall, this was a great project to make but it was equally satisfying as others, if not even more satisfying. I am overjoyed I started using all the materials I collected for this purpose, that this first backpack created momentum for me and already there is more backpacks in the making or already done. 

I want to show you the full process – making off! So here it is, in this video you can enjoy both the finished product and the whole process of creation.

For me, it is imperative not to be just another link in the chain of the fashion industry that is creating a lot of waste and damage to the planet so this is something that you will definitely see more from me. Maybe not exclusively backpacks, but zero waste and second-hand materials fashion pieces for sure. 

Overall, we need to be more observant of the clothes we already have and think about clothes longevity in all possible forms.

Let’s take care of the only home we have, together.