Best things tend to happen when women join their forces!

Best things tend to happen when women join their forces!

Especially when it’s the three stunning creatives that gave rise to exceptional fashion fantasy editorial.

This collaboration was such a spontaneous decision with a gorgeous outcome. One day Kristina just send me a message: Ela, you and I should do shooting together combining our talents and we of course immediately said yes because is there another way you can answer that?! In two sentences we made a concept and a few days later just went to do it. Kristina was in charge of hair, Ela for makeup and elf ears and me, of course, I provided the dress and myself as a model.

Some projects are just for the sake of creative energy to get out and oh boy do I love that !

Especially if it’s something regarding of fantasy world.

We get together and went on the location which is a truly breathtaking part of our small town.  Peninsula Osejava and part of her still intact nature. We found our spot and went on with the preparations. Makeup and ears we did earlier at home but the hair was made on the scene. Can you just imagine getting your hair done professionally while sitting in such beautiful scenery? It sure is an experience.

  After we were completely ready to start with the shooting it started to rain heavily! But lucky for us, it was summer rain lasting only 5 minutes, and the fact that was over 30 degrees was helping a lot. We found shelter under the pines and were praying to sea gods for my make up to stay intact on my face. For that, I remain looking strictly into the floor while it was raining. Let me tell you I never watched my toes longer in my life.

But everything was good, the rain stopped and my make up stayed completely intact! Here are the photos. They were taken by Ela and Kristina. I was behind the editing. Truly talented trio on the mission to make something great!

Check the video here:

Ofc for the end I jumped into the sea so we can get a few sea photos. That was also an adventure for itself. Trying to float and look good in a wet dress, with white contact lenses and eyelashes long as my life wasn’t easy!

Fact that I jump into the sea without looking where and how will I get out, we will not talk about it. We were at the place where are just rocks and the open sea…

I’m grateful that such projects and creative friends are part of my everyday life and that another editorial containing all the natural beauty and talent of Croatia will find its way around the world.

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