Good design is sustainable design!

Good design is sustainable design!

– The journey of a designer –

For the longest time I was thinking a lot about these two things. One is sustainability in my design.  Another is to share my thoughts with you about that.  I finally took a leap of faith and decided to share it, because you know what they say sharing is caring 🙂

I want to share with you what I learned so far and will learn in the future so we can grow and build a bigger awareness together!

I took a break from making a new collection, of just “running”  to constantly make new stuff to keep the attention of the public. I took the time to educate myself to made change for the better in my work. What I personally aim as a person, designer, and brand is to constantly learn and improve myself so I can provide best product I can make.

To begin with possible changes in the bigger picture I need to start from myself! I always had a mindset that is inclined toward ecology. I did basic stuff like not leave garbage behind me, use reusable bags, recycle trash, etc. But when I started to create my own fashion brand I didn’t think about that as much as I do know.  The only thing that I had in mind from start is that I don’t want to create more waste, so I don’t make products if they are not ordered and all of my bits and pieces of fabric are still with me. I’ve kept them for one of the projects that  I will show in one of the next blog post and video! 

First of all it is necessary to learn about what is wrong in the fashion industry right now. The fashion industry is the second biggest source of pollution on earth and the symbol of modern slavery.

Fast Fashion trend produces an insane amount of clothes that never ends up on people and with that, they automatically producing an enormous amount of waste that is just laying around. Many of us and I personally didn’t think about it before I just went and buy clothes without thinking that If I’m giving money to some company I am supporting their bad ways of running the business.

A lot of people will say they can’t have any impact on big business or how can they think about sustainable shopping if their financial situation makes them buy more affordable stuff. They have to think about their own wellbeing first. But If we think about what impact we make on our present and future and only home we have, earth, isn’t it that you really think about your well being if you buy sustainable? 

I think the background of the fashion industry is deeply rooted in the wrong ways that chase only profit for a few people on the top of the food chain. To learn about it to make changes and to learn about sustainability, ecology, and producing correctly is a very broad subject that has to be constantly learned and read in order to make progress.

This pandemic only showed us how our ways are not very good and are very easy to collapse, also I feel it opened quite a few eyes regarding how we using the natural resource and how much we “bully” planet earth. Digging hole underneath us will be the correct term on how we live right now and till now.  We all feel changes on our skin, we see all the mess with seasons and all the natural disasters that are happening in continuity, fires, floods, hurricanes…We see it and felt very good. We are witnesses of that mess. Earth is clearly telling us that something is wrong and it is time to start listening to it. Since the start of pandemic I can hear a lot more people are talking about our impact and that makes me hopeful about possible changes in our near future. 

This is an intro of what will I talk about in the future as one of the themes and I am hoping we can learn, grow, and build a strong conscious community together! It is not enough if only creators think about their impact on the environment. Buyers themselves need to be involved in this process of changes, hold brands accountable, and put in focus authentic and transparent creators and companies.

I will end this post with a quote: 

Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.” Malcolm X

The photo is a true representation of how I give speeches, so here it is 😀